A Softer Offering

by Annie Hart

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released December 13, 2019

Cover art: Detail of “Pollyanna Wrestlers,” by Jenna Gribbon, 2019. Used with permission of artist. Insert photo by Sebastian Kim, with art direction by Natalia Read-Harber.
“Clean Floors,” “Embrace The New Age,” & “Longing To Care Less” mixed by Jorge Elbrecht; “Don’t Breathe For Me,” “Phoenicia No Coffee,” “Stillness,” & “The Paper Pull” mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato; “Wilderness Hill” mixed by Annie Hart.
Album mastered by April Golden at Golden Mastering.
Backing vocals on “The Paper Pull” by Madeline Kenney. Portions of “Wilderness Hill” & “Clean Floors” recorded at PRAH Foundation Studios, UK.
Special thanks to Doug Marvin, my children, Jenna Gribbon, Jorge Elbrecht, Justin Pizzoferrato, April Golden, Madeline Kenney, Jane Herships, Sebastian Kim, Natalia Read-Harber, Liv Willars, Rough Trade Publishing, Natasha Parish, Kalle Lungren, Emily James, Stephen Bass, Heather D’Angelo, Robbie Guertin, Chris Diken, Lindsay Baker, Keith Murray, Ben Kasulke, Lucy Needs, and the many others who supported this music, came to a show, or bought my last record. Thanks.


all rights reserved



Annie Hart New York, New York

"Sumptuous synth-pop" - Vogue

Annie Hart is a film composer and part of synth trio Au Revoir Simone. She makes beautiful, intimate, hypnotic keyboard music.

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Track Name: Wilderness Hill
Long nights on your lawn, warm air isn’t warm now. Cut back across the parking lot, no one waits for me there so I wander around when I’m walking around Wilderness Hill. Are you awake before dawn? I’m thinking of you still. Hardened in your ways, offer me to stay. You looked around, you took a breath, you took a walk and I seconded your opinion. Feet on the street and a cigarette, wine in a paper cup. Could I be in your dreams while you’re waking up? I wander around when I’m walking around Wilderness Hill. Are you awake before dawn? I’m thinking of you still.
Track Name: Longing To Care Less
I see what I see, I know what I know, I walk where I want to, but I don’t know where I go.
Follow me down as I move through the crowds swarming the beach where your home used to be. Golden and velvet but dry to the touch, the hills of California are shaking their dust.
I only drive when it rains, wear a sweater indoors, dry my clothes in the sun, though it’s hardly enough.
You take it in stride as I go partly blind: I see with the eye in my mind. I ought to confess that I’m longing to care less: I hate watching clocks in the night, but I cease to exist when I’m feeling complicit. I want you to be happy, but you’re wrong.
I’ll dream what I dream, I’ll know what I know. If you don’t what to help us, you’ll go where you go.
Track Name: Wandering Free
Every time I try, it never turns out right. I heard a little word swallowing my pride. Walking on a wall, following your stride. I wondered where you were, you were in your mind, wandering free.
Track Name: Don't Breathe For Me
Caught in a lie, pack up your act, sand the soles off your shoes when you expect to listen for birds who never seem to you like they were sideways in intricate time change, changing you.
Why would you breathe for me if it’s not me you’re breathing for? Why would you kill for me if it’s not me you’re living for?
Following stride, take me alive, take me as far as you. Out on the edge, a tentative best I could admit to you, but you’re falling backwards, stretching and shattered. I’m shattered, too.
Track Name: Clean Floors
Your floors are so clean but what does it mean in the end? I had a dream that he came to me in my bed. You don’t like it when I see him, there’s a reason for that. If I told you all my secrets you would never come back on the line. Call it a crime, call it a trap. I left my lover in London because I never loved him like that.
“This party’s too tame,” I coldly complain, unconvinced. I’m getting to break, but I’m trying so hard to live. I can tell I’m uncompelling because you’re always keeping track. The Mefloquine made me crazy, but I swear I’m coming back.
I never did but you wanted to dance, it doesn’t matter at all. Critics complain that I’m still the same, but I won’t. I’m getting upset at the littlest things (so what?) like, why did you do it like that? Tell me, why did you do it like that? Why did you do it like that? It doesn’t matter at all.
Track Name: Phoenicia No Coffee
I’m caught in your line, I’m caught in traffic. Too eager to share the shape of static, I’m lying. I’m alone. Never speaking with conviction, convincing myself I’m not the victim on the bottom, long forgotten.
Everyone’s up in Phoenicia or out in L.A. I’m carving myself a place, but there’s nowhere to stay. You’ve seen the unseen, it seemed unseemly. Whitewash the scenes that seem uneasy. You’re trying: you’ve tried. Everyone’s up in Phoenicia or out in L.A. I’m carving myself a place, but there’s nowhere to stay.
Track Name: Embrace The New Age
It could be any other morning, you whisper softly to me, “I’m leaving,” again.
Track Name: The Paper Pull
I’m at the starting line, but, you, you’re at the finish. I’m at the paper pull and my, my hands are so full.
When we start, we make our moves in the dark. I’m at the starting line, but you, you’re at the finish.
On and on and on and on and on.

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